2-Power Notebook Battery - CBI1059A

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2-Power Notebook Battery - CBI1059A

2-Power Notebook Battery - CBI1059A
Product Code: CBI1059A
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Product Description2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 52 WhDevice TypeLaptop batteryBatteryLithium Ion 52 WhBattery Form FactorInternalBatteries Qty1Designed ForHP Pavilion Media Center dv6100, dv6104, dv6106, dv6107, dv6111, dv6113, dv6117, dv6120, dv6121, dv6122, dv6123, dv6126, dv6128, dv6129, dv6130, dv6131, dv6133, dv6140, dv6141, dv6142, dv6143, dv6144, dv6150, dv6153, dv6157, dv6160, dv6161, dv6165, dv6167, dv6170, dv6175, dv6179, dv6180, dv6182



Device TypeLaptop batteryBattery Enclosure TypeInternalColourBlack
Quantity1TechnologyLithium IonVoltage Provided10.8 VCapacity52 Wh
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP Pavilion dv2001TX, dv2002TU, dv2002TX, dv2003ea, dv2003TU, dv2003TX, dv2004ea, dv2004TU, dv2004TX, dv2005ea, dv2005TX, dv2007ea, dv2007TU, dv2007TX, dv2009ea, dv2009TX, dv2010TX, dv2011ea, dv2013ea, dv2019TX, dv2020ca, dv2020ea, dv2020TX, dv2020us, dv2021TU, dv2024TX, dv2025LA, dv2025TU, dv2028ea, dv2029ea, dv2031ea, dv2031TU, dv2032TU, dv2033ea, dv2033TX, dv2034TX, dv2035TX, dv2036ea, dv2038TU, dv2039TU, dv2040TU, dv2040us, dv2043TX, dv2044TU, dv2045ea, dv2046TX, dv2047TX, dv2048TU, dv2050TX, dv2050us, dv2053ea, dv2054ea, dv2057ea, dv2058ea, dv2064ea, dv2082ea, dv2085ea, dv2095ea, dv6010ea, dv6011ea, dv6013ea, dv6014ea, dv6015ea, dv6016ea, dv6017ea, dv6021ea, dv6022ea, dv6023ea, dv6024ea, dv6040us, dv6058ea, dv6059ea, dv6063ea, dv6064ea, dv6067ea, dv6086ea, dv6088ea, dv6095ea, dv6101ea, dv6101eu, dv6104ea, dv6108ea, dv6110ea, dv6113TX, dv6117TX, dv6118TX, dv6119TX, dv6120ca, dv6120TX, dv6121TX, dv6122TX, dv6123ea, dv6123TX, dv6124TX, dv6125TX, dv6126TX, dv6129TX, dv6129us, dv6130TX, dv6130us, dv6131TX, dv6132TX, dv6133TX, dv6134TX, dv6135TX, dv6136TX, dv6140ea, dv6144TX, dv6148TX, dv6149TX, dv6150ca, dv6150TX, dv6166ea , HP Pavilion Media Center dv6100ea, dv6103ea, dv6104eu, dv6106ea, dv6107eu, dv6107TX, dv6111eu, dv6113ea, dv6113eu, dv6115ea, dv6115eu, dv6116eu, dv6117eu, dv6118ea, dv6118eu, dv6119eu, dv6120ea, dv6121ea, dv6122ea, dv6123ea, dv6123eu, dv6124eu, dv6126eu, dv6128ea, dv6129us, dv6130ea, dv6130eu, dv6131ea, dv6132eu, dv6133ea, dv6135ea, dv6135eu, dv6136eu, dv6137ea, dv6137eu, dv6139eu, dv6140eu, dv6140us, dv6141eu, dv6142ea, dv6142eu, dv6143ea, dv6144eu, dv6146eu, dv6147ea, dv6150ea, dv6150eu, dv6152ea, dv6152eu, dv6153eu, dv6155ea, dv6155eu, dv6156ea, dv6156eu, dv6157ea, dv6157eu, dv6158eu, dv6159eu, dv6160eu, dv6161eu, dv6162ea, dv6163ea, dv6165ea, dv6165eu, dv6167ea, dv6170ea, dv6174ea, dv6175ea, dv6179ea, dv6180ea, dv6182eu, dv6184ea, dv6184eu, dv6185ea, dv6185eu, dv6188eu, dv6190eu, dv6195ea

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